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personal uses exemple You can buy these images below for printing purposes such as art prints on paper or canvas. These print images are managed by a third party organisation and are not directly related to the author. Under no circumstances these images are allowed to be used for any money making or commercial purposes. Commercial usages of these images are not permitted without a licensing agreement by the author. Artwork signatures are not possible at this moment.

Babel Myth

Art print    $19.99

Lonesome Coyboy

Art print    $14.56

Waterfall Church

Art print    $19.99

Drakensberg Castle

Art print    $16.64

Rise of Niburu

Art print    $17.68

Gomez Eldorado

Art print    $17.68

Squid Attack

Art print    $17.68

Mushroom City

Art print    $17.68

Haapu Pacific Resort

Art print    $17.68

Kingdom of Hampi

Art print    $17.68

House in Fire

Art print    $19.99

Algonquin Project

Art print    $17.68

Day After Christmas

Art print    $17.68


Art print    $16.64

Starno Art Booklet

Book    $31.39 to $45.19


commercial uses exemple All of the images from the personal galleries are available to buy for advertising purposes. Send your requests by email describing precisely your project and how the images will be used.Every request will be treated differently depending on the type of media, the number of viewers, the location, and the time length the advertisement will exist. An acknowledgement and licensing agreement will be signed by both parties. Afterwards, high-resolution printable files will be sent to the buyer via FTP transfer.
is the email address you should use for your requests. Below are a few examples.

Magic and Mist


Sheridan Film Fest


Valleyfield College

  Sales Booths

Dartiste Matte Painting

  Cover Books

Fantasy Montreal 2012

  Events Advertising

Mark Brandis

  Cover music CDs

Five Strangers

  Book Advertising